September 2015 News

6th Annual Maker’s Contest
Dec 3-12, 2015
2015 National Finals Rodeo

We are proud to announce that Art of the Cowboy Makers has a new home. This has not been an easy task and has been a long process. Everyone prefers instant gratification and answers sooner than later, but it has finally come to fruition. Save the dates and plan to enter. Our last show in 2013, although it was in Vegas, we had our hurdles. I listened and I heard your requests and concerns. I will always have an ear for constructive criticism as that is part of getting the results we all want. Will it be perfect?, No, but we now have the venue to give you and your works the exposure to push the Makers as a group to the next level. Your participation as a Maker is necessary to make this a success.

I invite your suggestions, but know that the implementation of those suggestions may not take place immediately. You do have a voice. Although I have been working on this since February, it has taken a lot of work and negotiations to come to this point and I can now confirm that the ACM has a home.

I realize it is September and we have 90 days before the show. Typically your entries came in closer to the contest date. I am sure you have projects you have been working on over the last 2 years. Any item that has not been entered in a previous ACM contest may be entered. We are working on an electronic entry process and the programming will take at least a week allowing us to take entries starting Sept 15. This show will set the stage for the years to come.

I realize you have 3 short months but remember, I am working within the same deadline. In order to give you, The Maker, exposure to the masses of people attending the NFR without you being on site, business cards and brochures are a must! If you get the opportunity to come out to Vegas, please let us know so we can set you up at the “Talk with the Maker” Program, where you can interact with the public one on one. This will allow you to not only promote the ACM and Makers as a whole, but your own shop and talents. Please keep in mind that this show is to promote a lost art, share the knowledge and offer exposure to whom and what a “Maker” is all about. To help sustain a heritage, expose you “the artisan” and the art through apprenticeships, workshops and demonstrations.

ACM will be featured in the December issue of Guns and Horses Magazine. We will be arranging other media events to highlight the workmanship, skill, passion and dedication that you, “The Maker” possess!   We will be requesting information and bios from past Makers. Deadlines are necessary working in this short amount of time. If we have a request that you cannot fulfill, please let us know .Our goal is to promote you, your works through ACM and the Ropers Marketplace at this year’s NFR.


Below are topics requiring immediate attention:

Product Showcase

Previous shows have only offered 2-4 days of exposure for “The Maker”. ACM partnering with The Roper Cowboy Marketplace allows your entry to be on display for ten consecutive days. Well over 100,000 have attended the Cowboy Marketplace each year (as indicated on the Marketplace website). How long and far would you have to travel to have your goods/wares seen by 100,000 people? We are so excited to give “The Maker” this opportunity. Not only will your entry be seen by thousands, by participating in this event you benefit from the print, radio and television advertising for the show.


Vendor Demonstration Booth

What is a Vendor Demonstration Booth?  

The opportunity to have live demonstrations by “The Maker” to educate the public and showcase your skills. If you would like to participate as an individual, Guild or Associations we have a limited number of booths available for daily demonstrations for 1 to 10 days. Selling goods/wares is prohibited, but you will be able to talk about your product, skill, talk about orders and make contacts and network.

We realize this is right in the midst of Christmas and most makers are busy finishing up last minute projects, but if you have the time this will give you exposure and potential orders for 2016. As an individual we will allow you to have a space for a 2 day minimum commitment. The demonstration booth will be affordable as we will need to fill 15 spots over a 10 day period and need your help to do it.

In 2013, the CSMA had a raffle for a saddle. I will have to obtain permission for this, but if you want to represent your guild/association and are a nonprofit, (must have all the proper raffle licenses in place) this would be a good way to promote your association, create some income for your organization and give demonstrations on different types of leather, etc .

ACM will have a registration process for this Vendor Demonstration Booth and you will be notified if you are selected.


2013 Makers and Participants

In 2013 we had a number of contestants and participants that blazed a trail for the first time in Las Vegas Nevada. Because of their faith in ACM and the industry of the Maker they are grandfathered in and my commitment to them is such:

They will have first opportunity to be represented if they so choose in areas where limitations are given.

It is with the commitment to their craft that allowed me to work on the organization and to push for this 2015 and future shows. These people will be recognized and I ask that you step out and give them a “Thank You” and a handshake for their foresight as well. 2013 Makers will also have a discounted entry fee that will be listed on the registration form.


Categories – Work in Progress

I have spoken with several Makers regarding the best way to promote beginners as well as journeymen. We are considering dividing the category in two allowing for competion between the beginners and the journeymen. Example: Those who have made 1-20 items (beginners) vs those who have made 20 and over (journeymen). The “Masters” will have the ability to showcase their goods to promote their art and wares. The Masters will not compete for a ribbon. If you have any input please send an email by September 9, 2015

  • Boots
    • Work
    • Show
  • Braiding
  • Chaps
  • Engraving
  • Hats
  • Saddles
    • Work
    • Show
  • Spurs
  • Cinch
  • Rope Bag

Possibly a few others. Waiting on sponsor input.



I am not sure about the workshops this year. Is anyone interested? We can put it out there with a minimum number and if it doesn’t fill, it would be a no go.


Reservations and accommodations

High Plains Travel Co will handle discounted air, hotel and rental car. High Plains Travel already has room blocks available at the previous location, The Alexis Park, but has availability at all hotels with discount as they have handled the NFR for 30 years.   We are waiting to see if there are additional discounts at the Mandalay Bay that we have access to but will not get the info till next week.


What is the new contact information for ACM

Art of the Cowboy Makers

6455 N Union Blvd Suite 100H
Colorado Springs Co  80918
P-719-247-0062   F-719-597-0637


Who is handling the meeting, workshop, reservations and meeting planner?

Reservations and schedule will be handled through:

High Plains Travel Co / Travel Leaders
6455 N Union Blvd Suite 100A
Colorado Springs CO  80918