About Art of the Cowboy Makers

The Art of the Cowboy Makers Contest is held annually.  Each year contemporary makers bring their best work and compete for silver trophy buckles, cash prizes.

The winners in each category are determined by two separate votes. The makers are judged first by their peers; quality of craftsmanship is the hallmark of this award. Makers are voted on by makers – those who know the skill and the quality of materials that are used.

The second vote is cast by the public, those attending the western collectable show, and it is presented as the “People’s Choice” award.  The People’s Choice winners know that they have captured the  viewers with their  quality of craftsmanship as well as their artistic flair.


April 2013 FAQ

What are you doing with the ACM Website?

We are excited to launch our new website.  There are still tabs that need work but we are very anxious to hear what you have to say.  We are open to your suggestions and are working hard to make this website not only user friendly but also a way to promote the makers around the country.  We will be highlighting the 2012 Contest winners showcasing their passion and their work.  We will continue to have the directory listing all makers’ points of contact.  We will be listing our Buckle sponsors and showcasing them as well   If you have suggestions or something you would like to see please submit via email.

Why are emails coming from Travel Leaders/High Plains Travel?

Travel Leaders/High Plains Travel has been handling groups to the NFR for over 25 years.  They are the meeting planners for our event.  With the transition of ownership in order to send out mass emails legally we are utilizing their emails system and their technology in order to not add additional expense to ACM.  We still have our own address, email, and phone number but are utilizing an office in the same building to keep our expense down and have them assist with the meeting planning and organization of the show in Las Vegas.

Who will be sponsoring this event?

We are in the process of searching for sponsors for Buckles for each Category.  These sponsors will be able to present the buckles at this years contest along  with being listed on the website and showcased with their business and passion.  Our first priority is to give last years sponsor the first opportunity to be part of the 2013 ACM Contest.

March 2013 FAQ

Why we chose Alexis Park all Suite Resort?

The Alexis Park in a smaller, non gambling hotel located approx 1 block from the Las Vegas Strip, across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel.  They offer airport transfers and free valet.  It is easy to park and load and unload at your room or the conference facility.  This is a family owned hotel who is willing to work with us regarding special rates, accommodated our workshop and show schedule at a reasonable rate.    For the vendors your buyers can throw a saddle over the rail right into their truck without having to carry it across a parking lot.  The show is easy access for everyone.   We have asked The Alexis Park to have the live viewing of the NFR in house on the big screen and special menus and free transportation to and from the rodeo is available next door.    It is easy to get from point A to Point B without having to walk ten acres.  Every guest room is a suite and has a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot and it is family friendly.

We will have a secure parking lot for your trailer if you are hauling entry or products down.  If you are bringing a   RV we are working with a nice RV park that isn’t far from the hotel and we will send info on that upon registration.

Why did you chose dates in the midst of the NFR not the full duration?

The National Finals Rodeo is a concentrated group of people who are interested in the western Lifestyle and appreciate the work of the makers, people who live breath and eat the western world.  We also have  people who are interested in the Western world who go once a year to Las Vegas to see the super bowl of rodeo and taste what we live every day.  We have Celebrities, Cowboys, Musicians, and all types of people who visit the NFR and believe that clients you deal with every day in other states would love to come visit you, your booth or even meet you there to get their foot measured for a new pair of boots.

The National Finals Rodeo is one of the largest conventions in Las Vegas and definitely changes the face of the entire city.  It is the one time you can go to Vegas and walk down the street and smile and say “hello” and get a friendly response.  If you ever needed anything, there is always a hat in sight with a helping hand to assist.

This show is being planned with the Makers needs in mind, although we are work in progress that is our goal.  The Maker also may only be able to be gone 1 week as they have another job and their budget for a 10day show is out of the question.  We want to make it affordable so you can participate without costing you an arm and a leg.   We have negotiated discount pricing as a Maker, Presenter, Vendor or Sponsor as this show is about you.

I have been working on the NFR for over 25 years and typically cut out the weekends as the people who typically implode on Vegas for the weekends are there to party or go to one, of the five other “Cowboy Christmas’s”.  I have heard the same request over and over again that there is nothing for families, if you don’t gamble or shop there is not much to do.  The last weekend is extremely busy and the most poplar time during the NFR for sure as well as the weekends being more expensive.

The people who live eat and breath the Western lifestyle typically are their for the duration and are looking for what I call the real people who do the same and have or live this same passion.  It may even be as simple as a contestant, or contestant’s family looking for these specialty items.   As for the Maker it will also be an excellent time to have clients meet you who are out of state and nine times out of ten they will be at the NFR or will now have two reasons to go.

What kind of changes in the show should I expect?

We want to keep the show as close to the original show as possible with only handmade, homemade, and custom items nothing manufactured as well as use the same format in the presentation and judging as in the past.  We hope that the changes you do see will only help to enhance and benefit those who are involved and who have been dedicated to the ACM the past 4 year.

Moving to Las Vegas will take your exposure to the next level.  We will help provide you with marketing materials that will enable you to or advertise this event on your own website or mailing list, and assist with press releases for your local newspapers.

We have the same categories and awards program as in the past and are always open for suggestions.

What about a Youth Application, Sponsor Application, Vendors Application and Workshop?

Each of these categories are very important to us.  There will be separate applications and information for each.  Emails will be coming to announce each application when they are finalized.


What is the contact information for ACM?

Art of the Cowboy Makers
6455 N Union Blvd Suite 100H
Colorado Springs Co  80918
P-719-247-0062   F-719-597-0637


Who is handling the meeting, workshop, reservations ?

Reservations and schedule will be handled through:
High Plains Travel Co/ Travel Leaders
6455 N Union Blvd Suite 100A
Colorado Springs CO  80918