Contest Info



Contest Categories:

    • Bits and Spurs
    • Boots (show and work)
    • Braiding
    • Chaps
    • Cinch
    • Hats
    • Holster
    • Leather Carving
    • Saddles (show and work)
    • Western Silver and Engraving

We will divide the Boot, the Saddle and the Bits and Spurs into two categories if we have enough entries for each description.  Otherwise, they will be combined as one category and judged together.


Contest Entry Fee:

    • $50 per entry per category

Any past contestant that has a balance due will need to have their account paid in full and will enter at the full price.



    • Makers Award
      • 1st prize – Belt Buckle minimum of 10 entries per category
      •  2nd prize -Entry fee reimbursed
    • People’s Choice Contest
      •  Each Category-  ACM Logo prize
  • “Makers Award” by selected Jury of Judges who are knowledgeable in that category.
  • “People’s Choice Award” in each category voted on by show attendees
  • One entry per category per person
  • Limit of 30 items per category. 1st come 1st serve
  • Jury of Judges selected
  • Up to 2 makers working on one item
  • Each Maker must create and submit a “Signature Piece”, 4″ coaster with The ACM logo (material of your choice) with each entry – Entry will be considered incomplete without this piece. 
  • Business cards must be submitted with entry (Min) 100 any leftover will be returned
  • Contestant is to supply his own stand or display
  • Contestant cannot submit a piece that was previously entered in a past ACM Makers Contest.
  • Security will be provided.  Not responsible for damages, loss or theft.
  • Entries delivered in person must be delivered by noon on Monday December 6, 2017
  • Entries that will be mailed address is TBA


Showcase – $300 ($30) a day in advertising

Showcase Category the Veterans in the Industry– This category is designed to “Showcase” the Elite in the Industry.  The “Makers” who have competed or made hundreds of items have achieved the notoriety to be in an Elite group.  Because each maker has their own “mark” and “style”, they are all winners and in reality it is something that cannot be judged as a competition of one being better over the other.  Each maker in this category is a cornerstone and has helped develop, teach or establish the criteria that each rookie maker would like to achieve.

We would like to invite these Makers to be part of our Talk to the Maker opportunity.  We are asking these Makers to make themselves available for 3-5 hours over the 10 day show.  You may put in all your time in one day or in as small as ½ hour sessions.  These are the veterans that new makers and other people, in or out of the industry can learn about the intricacies of their category and the specialty of their craft.

If you enter in the Showcase:

      • You may enter up to 2 items of your choice
      • If your item is for sale we have sale agreement available
      • Each Veteran must create and submit a “Signature Piece”, 4″ coaster with The ACM logo (material of your choice) with each entry
      • Great advertising over a 10 day period – Minimum 100 Business Cards
      • If you take part in our Talk to the Maker opportunity, we will credit your fee $25 for every hour (max 12 hours) you schedule to be on the floor in the Showcase and ACM contest area during the show.