ACM Maker Demonstration Booth

We are excited to offer the 2015 Art of the Cowboy Makers the opportunity to have a maker demonstration booth. The demonstration booth allows the Maker to interact and network with potential customers as well as educate the public on the historical background and creation of each piece. Wares and goods may be displayed no items can be purchased at the show but networking , measurements and appointments can be conducted. This show is designed to give Makers as much exposure as possible. Over 100,000 people visit The Cowboy Marketplace during the 10 day event. Makers are required to conduct four to six 15 minute (minimum) demonstrations per day. The demonstrations will be titled and scheduled for Cowboy Marketplace to help promote. Demonstration Booths are on a first come first served basis. We invite all 2015 Makers to participate.
We have designed this show with the Maker in mind, working to increase your visibility and continually promoting the Maker